SemmelstatzR(eloaded) is a fork of the WP-Plugin Semmelstatz
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Welcome to semmelstatzReloaded (semmelstatzR). :)
SemmelstatzR is a statistic plugin for wordpress 2.8 or newer, based on the well known wp-plugin semmelstatz by
Andreas 'Redunzl' Mueller.

** Installation **

Unzip and upload all files into your wordpress plugins folder. Log into wordpress admin area and choose
the plugins button in menu. If there were no problems you will find an entry for semmelstatzReloaded in
the pluginlist where you can activate semmelstatzR. SemmelstatzR will write some tables to your db.
If you have activeted the plugin, you will get a new submenu for semmelstatzR in the mainmenu.
Visit the Options-entry to do some configuration stuff.

Ad: If you will see an error-msg instead of charts, you probably have to add a cache directory to your
wp-content folder and give writeaccess to it.

** Update/Upgrade **

First make a backup of your db, esspecially from your statz tables. Then go to pluginslist in the admin
area and deactivate the old semmelstatzR version. Delete or Move all files in the plugins/semmelstatzR folder,
then unzip package semmelstatzR with the new version and upload all files into folder plugins/semmelstatzR.
If you are upgrading from a previous version of the original semmelstatz plugin please note that the name of
the pluginfolder has changed from 'semmelstatz' to 'semmelstatzR'.
There a no db changes in semR version 1.0.0 to previous semmelstatz 3.3. But if you are upgrading from an older
version of semmelstatz please update first to semmelstatz 3.3 before performing an upgrade to semmelstatzR 1.0.0.

Now you may reactivate the plugin in the plugins admin area.
Done, have fun. :)

** Usage **

In the future we will provide a webside at with documentation, faq and some tips.
The easiest way to lern how semmelstatzR can help you is going threw the menu in the admin area.

** libraries, extensions, helpers and licenses **

pChart - a PHP Charting library
Version: 2.1.3
Author: Jean-Damien POGOLOTTI

class upgrademe for wordpress (just the class, not as plugin)
Version: 0.2
Author: Meglio (Anton Andriyevskyy)
Plugin URI:

useragent ini file
Version: uas_20140127-01.ini

We want to say thank you to the following people for ideas, help and testing

silberling <>
Carsten <>

** Translations **

english SEM-Team (default)
german SEM-Team

If you want to translate semmelstatzR into a language not listed yet, we're pleased and we will
add your translation files (.mo and .po). Please contact us via or use our forums there.