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  1. $Id$
  2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. This is the readme file for ConLite 2.1
  4. Any help you need you may find by visiting the following links.
  5. CL-Portal http//
  6. CL-Forum
  7. CL-Bugtracker
  8. CL-API-Doc
  9. !!! Attention !!!
  10. We tried to fix all known bugs of 4.8.15 and earlier but cannot give any garanties for that. So use
  11. it on your own risk. If you find any bug or have any idea to enhance ConLite, feel free to visit our
  12. bugtracker and register at
  13. Any help and ideas are welcome :)
  14. ** Mini FAQ **
  15. What is ConLite (-Edition) of CONTENIDO?
  16. CL (short for ConLite) is dedicated to close the gap between CONTENIDO 4.8.15 and the version 4.9.
  17. In downloadable 4.8.20 (and former 4.8.15) are still a lot of bugs and some missing feautures and
  18. enhancements so one cannot use the version without problems. Our goal is to give you a bugfixed and
  19. really stable version of CONTENIDO till the 4.9 is stable. By the way, there are still a lot of big sides
  20. build with 4.8.x out there where upgrading to 4.9.x is not possible or cost a lot of money.
  21. Why i have to use ConLite?
  22. You don't have to, but feel free to do it. ConLite will show you an easier way to upgrade to CONTENIDO
  23. 4.9. The new version of CONTENIDO will have a lot of changes, so you have to do a lot of work
  24. with modules or custom plugins to adapt them to the new version. That's not what ConLite does nor will
  25. do in the future. ConLite will do changes step by step, or better version by version to adapt your
  26. 4.8.15 or higher installation to work with the new 4.9 of CONTENIDO. And ConLite will try to give you a
  27. stable and bugfixed CONTENIDO 4.8.x in the future.
  28. Who are the people behind ConLite?
  29. The Team behind the CL-version are some well known guys from CONTENIDO-forum, working since many years with
  30. and within CONTENIDO core or coding modules and plugins for CONTENIDO.
  31. And we love CONTENIDO :)
  32. ** Copyright **
  33. The copyright for the code of CONTENIDO still remains to 4fb and the named coders for all codes coming
  34. from 4.8.15 and/or from svn-repository of CONTENDIO.
  35. All ads, enhancements or new parts, coded by the CL-Team are copyright by their named coders or
  36. by CL-Team and
  37. ** Know Bugs **
  38. FS#25 - Collision with pre-installed AMR after Migration
  39. !!! Attention !!!
  40. If you want to upgrade with an installed AMR-plugin, uninstall AMR before upgrade.
  41. We will include a fix for that in one of the next versions of CL
  42. ** History / Changelog **
  43. ConLite 1.0
  44. CONTENIDO 4.8.16 CL
  45. 20 Bug Report genericdb: urlencode() expects parameter 1 to be string ...
  46. 16 Enhancement RSS-Reader austauschen/überarbeiten
  47. 31 Optimization Test CL installation with newest PHP and SQL on XAMPP
  48. 3 Bug Report Genericdb caching not working
  49. 37 Bug Report Upgrade: valid_from and valid_to fields are set to NULL
  50. 33 Bug Report Missing include.subnav_blank.php
  51. 22 Bug Report Modul xhtml which is not choosable in modularea
  52. 10 Optimization Generate API-Doc
  53. 34 Bug Report Error when searching article with no criteria
  54. 24 Bug Report No reset of subnavigation if a layout is deleted
  55. 15 Optimization Add CL readme file
  56. 13 Bug Report FEUser-Plugins valide_to and valide_from saving wrong t ...
  57. 9 Enhancement Check all translations (i18n)
  58. 8 Bug Report adapt genericdb from 4.8.17 CL
  59. 5 Bug Report Buttontranslations missing or wrong